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Multi-Slide Doors

There are different styles and appearances of exterior multi-slide doors to choose from when installing a new one or replacing an old one. Our experts at Home Path Windows & Doors have decades of experience to make the considerations, decision, and installation process painless.

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What are Multi-Slide Doors?

Multi-slide doors are normally entry or patio doors that have three or more panels. These panels stack together and hide away into a wall pocket or expand apart to slide closed. Multi-slide doors offer a chic, modern look, usually with glass panes stretching the length of each panel that welcome expansive natural light and panoramic views. 

While the tall panels of glass offer great views, it is also important to ensure exterior doors are safe and strong, so the manufacturer you choose is important. At Home Path we work with manufacturers like Marvin, Pella, and Anderson who have been trusted for years with their doors. 

Not only that, the material you choose for your stacked exterior door will play a role in its function and longevity as well.

Patio Door Materials

Learn more about each material type to better decide which is best for your home.

Wood Multi-Slide Door

Wood is the first material you think of when you envision a door, and for good reason. Wood is a classic material that stands for beauty and strength. Combine that with your modern multi-slide doors and you have a winner. Double pane glass helps these doors be more energy-efficient, so you can enjoy the amazing views without having to worry about your heating/cooling bill going up.


Fiberglass Multi-Slide Door – Fiberglass is a lightweight, yet durable material that has made it a popular choice for exterior multi-slide doors. The Fiberglass makes the glass doors more energy-efficient with its insulated design, so you won’t lose heat in the winter time, and can save on your heating’/cooling bill, while still enjoying the customizable elegance fiberglass offers.

Vinyl Multi-Slide Door – Vinyl is a strong choice for your next exterior multi-slide doors project. Vinyl offers exceptional energy value and strength with its interior insulation system, so you save in the long-run on a door that will also last. These vinyl doors are also customizable. So much so, that it can become impossible to see the difference between vinyl multi-slide doors and wood. 

Types of Patio Doors

3 or 4 Panel Multi-Slide Door

These are your typical exterior multi-slide doors. Most multi-slide doors will feature 3 or 4 panels.

3 panel multi slide wood

Multi-Slide Glass Doors

Multi-slide doors come with large panes of glass that bring in natural light and stunning views.

Multi-Slide Pocket Doors

These are multi-slide doors that stack together into a wall pocket, instead of stacking to the edge of the entryway.

Multi-Slide Screen Doors

Some stacked exterior doors offer a screen option, allowing you to keep unwanted debris outside, but allowing air in.

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