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Step into the world of timeless elegance with our premium range of French Doors to choose from for exterior installation and replacement. Marrying classic European charm with modern efficiency, our French doors promise both an aesthetic enhancement and a practical solution for your home. With expert craftsmanship honed over decades and a commitment to quality, let us guide you to the perfect gateway that bridges your indoor sanctum with the world outside.

Decoding French Doors

Marvin Elevate French Door with White Finish

Originating from France’s signature window style, French doors usually consist of a pair with elongated glass panes running through their length. More than just an elegant addition, these doors illuminate interiors with natural sunlight, enhancing the openness of any space.

Modern French doors are a testament to how classic beauty can coalesce with contemporary efficiency. The advancements in design and materials mean today’s French doors offer exceptional energy efficiency without sacrificing their timeless allure.

Choosing Your French Door Material

The essence of a French door as well as performance is reflected in its material. At Home Path, we offer energy-efficient and stylish options:

Double wood inswing French door


Embodying the epitome of classic elegance, wood ensures unparalleled beauty and strength. Though a premium choice, its customizable nature in stains and paints allows homeowners to achieve that tailored appearance.



Popular for its lightweight and energy efficiency, fiberglass promises longevity and resilience against temperature shifts. The bonus? Its customizable design to resonate with your home’s aesthetics.

Fiberglass Single French Door
Vinyl French Door with Wood Finish


The modern marvel in the French door realm, vinyl is celebrated for its energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and adaptability in design. It promises homeowners both savings and aesthetic brilliance.

Exploring Types of French Doors

Sliding French Doors with Wood Finish

Sliding French Doors

Marrying convenience with style, these doors slide gracefully on tracks, rather than swinging.

Marvin Ultimate Wood French Double Door White Finish

Double French Doors

The quintessential French door style, featuring a pair that swings, offering optional outward swinging variants.

Single French Door with White Finish

Single French Door

Ideal for spaces that can't accommodate double doors, it offers the same elegance in a compact design.

ProVia Entry Swing Door with Doggie Door

French Door with Dog Door

A harmonious blend of elegance and utility for pet lovers, ensuring their furry friends aren’t left out of the luxury.

Why Choose Home Path?

With over 15 years of experience, Home Path Windows & Doors provides unparalleled door installation services throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. Our team of door installers is dedicated to creating an honest and stress-free experience for our customers while continuously adhering to ethical business practices.

Free Estimates
FREE Estimates
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Expert Installation
Committed Team
Committed Team
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High Customer Satisfaction
Stress Free Experience
Stress-Free Experience
Dedication to Ethical Business
Dedication to Ethical Business

Trusted Partners

Our commitment to quality extends to our partners, too. We’ve joined hands with industry-leading manufacturers like Pella and Provia to bring you patio doors that promise unmatched resilience, protection for your loved ones, and enhanced home appeal.


Ready for a Home Transformation?

Regardless of your choice, our team of certified technicians at Home Path is ready to ensure that your chosen door is installed with the precision and care it deserves. We’re not just about selling doors and windows—we’re about selling experiences and transforming houses into dream homes. Trust us to make your installation or replacement experience honest, stress-free, and deeply satisfying.

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