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Elevate the elegance of your home with expert casement window installation and replacement by Home Path Windows and Doors. These windows, bringing a certain aesthetic charm and energy efficiency, provide a stylish yet functional touch to any space. Of course, the material you choose can boost your energy savings, making these windows that much more attractive.

What Are Casement Windows?

Casement Windows with White Trim

Casement windows are the epitome of functional elegance. These windows not only guarantee energy efficiency but also allow in an abundance of natural light. Hinged either on the left or right, they open outwards, providing homes with unobstructed views and ventilation. For those seeking a classic touch, divided lite bars (grids) can be added, blending tradition with modernity.

Casement windows have been gracing homes since medieval Europe. Once simple openings covered by animal hides, they’ve evolved into the hinged, stylish designs we know and love today. Their timeless appeal has made them a favored choice in architecture, from Tudor homes to contemporary designs.

Energy-Saving Benefits of Casement Windows

The practical design of casement windows ensures a tighter seal, minimizing drafts and enhancing indoor temperature control. Their construction translates to reduced energy bills and a comfortable living environment, making them a wise choice for energy-conscious homeowners.

Material Options to Explore

The performance and style of casement windows are reflected in their material. At Home Path, we offer energy-efficient and stylish options:

Marvin Signature Casement Window with Light Wood Trim


Exuding natural elegance, wood/clad windows seamlessly integrate into homes. They’re durable and offer warmth, sound reduction, and can be customized in various finishes.


Renowned for its robustness, fiberglass offers a contemporary appearance without compromising on durability. It stands as an affordable alternative to wood.

Marvin Essential Casement Window with Wood Trim
Vinyl Casement Window with Wood Finish


Our top-tier vinyl windows present unmatched energy efficiency. Made to last, they resist fading and don’t require frequent painting.

Types of Casement Windows

Regardless of the type of casement window you choose, all of the designs offer a blend of expansive views and fresh air access for your home.

Glass Panel Entry Door with Steel Finish

Entry Door with Glass

Glass panel entry doors allow more natural lighting in your home, so your foyer can bathe in sunlight.

Fiberglass Entry Door with Sidelight

Entry Door with Sidelight

Sidelights can light up your entry door for better night visibility and safety.

Why Choose Home Path?

Our years of dedication to home improvement set us apart. We believe in Experience, Ethics, Accountability, and Teamwork:

  • Experience: With an average of 25 years in the industry, we’ve mastered the art of turning houses into dream homes.

  • Ethics: We uphold the highest ethical standards, placing your trust and satisfaction above all.

  • Accountability: We take responsibility for every step of the process, delivering results that meet and exceed your expectations.

  • Teamwork: Our skilled team works cohesively to ensure a seamless and stress-free home improvement journey for you.

Free Estimates
FREE Estimates
Expert Installation
Expert Installation
Committed Team
Committed Team
High Customer Satisfaction
High Customer Satisfaction
Stress Free Experience
Stress-Free Experience
Dedication to Ethical Business
Dedication to Ethical Business

Trusted Partners

Our commitment to quality extends to our partners, too. We’ve joined hands with industry-leading manufacturers like Pella and Provia to bring you casement windows that promise unmatched resilience, protection for your loved ones, and enhanced home appeal.


Ready for a Home Transformation?

Regardless of your choice, our team of certified technicians at Home Path is ready to ensure that your chosen casement window is installed with the precision and care it deserves. We’re not just about selling doors—we’re about selling experiences and transforming houses into dream homes. Trust us to make your replacement experience honest, stress-free, and deeply satisfying.

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