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Double-Hung Window Replacement & Installation: A Guide

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Welcome to Home Path Windows & Doors, where the fusion of classic beauty and modern functionality in Double-Hung windows becomes a reality. Our team of expert window installers is dedicated to enhancing your living space with windows that blend seamlessly with both Colonial and modern home designs.

Understanding Double-Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows with Wood Finish

Double-hung windows, a staple in many homes, come equipped with two operable sashes moving both vertically for optimal ventilation. They offer:

  • Traditional 50/50 Split: An even, timeless design.
  • Cottage Style: With a distinct smaller upper sash.
  • Oriel Style: Characterized by a smaller lower sash.

Their unique design allows both sashes to tilt-in, making cleaning hassle-free. Different exterior screen options provide added flexibility in managing airflow.

With the option of a full screen, a desirable alternative is to vent from the top of the window along with the bottom. Certainly, the greatest advantage is that both sashes can tilt-in for ease of cleaning. This is especially desirable for homes that have multiple floors.

What Sets Single-Hung Windows Apart?

Single-hung windows come with a fixed upper sash and a movable lower sash. Their simplified structure generally makes them more affordable, with fewer moving parts. They’re especially apt for spaces where easy operation is essential, like above kitchen sinks.

Single Hung Windows with White Trim

Materials Tailored for Double-Hung Windows

The performance and style of double-hung and single-hung windows are reflected in their material. At Home Path, we offer energy-efficient and stylish options:

Marvin Signature Casement Window with Light Wood Trim


A union of natural wood’s elegance with maintenance-friendly exteriors, ensuring durability against adverse conditions while retaining the warmth and acoustic benefits of wood.


Known for resilience, fiberglass gives a modern touch with its streamlined design, enhancing the amount of visible glass and room brightness.

Double Hung Fiberglass Window with White Trim
Double Hung Vinyl Window with White Trim


The epitome of energy efficiency, our robust vinyl windows guarantee longevity. With options like fade-resistant colors and woodgrain interiors, they promise a maintenance-free lifespan.

Why Choose Home Path?

For over a quarter-century, we’ve served Southeastern Wisconsin, delivering unmatched window replacement and installation. Our commitment to integrity and customer satisfaction has solidified our reputation as industry leaders. Contact us for a complimentary estimate!

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FREE Estimates
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Expert Installation
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Committed Team
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High Customer Satisfaction
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Dedication to Ethical Business

Trusted Partners

Our commitment to quality extends to our partners, too. We’ve joined hands with industry-leading manufacturers like Pella and Provia to bring you windows that promise unmatched resilience, protection for your loved ones, and enhanced home appeal.


Ready for a Home Transformation?

Regardless of your choice, our team of certified technicians at Home Path is ready to ensure that your chosen window is installed with the precision and care it deserves. We’re not just about selling doors and windows—we’re about selling experiences and transforming houses into dream homes. Trust us to make your installation or replacement experience honest, stress-free, and deeply satisfying.

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