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Sliding Windows

Home Path Windows & Doors offers a variety of sliding window materials and sizes. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that the decision-making process is painless and stress-free.

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What Are Sliding Windows?

Sliding windows (also known as slider windows) are similar to double-hung windows, except that they open horizontally as opposed to vertically. Simple to install and maintain, these windows are best used in wide spaces and larger rooms that require more natural light.

Home Path Windows and Doors offers sliding windows in three high-quality materials:
  • Wood
  • Fiberglass
  • Vinyl
Although sliding windows are a more inexpensive option, they offer a sleek and modern design that can add elegance to any home. They offer wider outdoor views and in turn, better natural light and air ventilation. Because they open horizontally, they are easier to open and close than double-hung windows.

Sliding Window Materials

Wood/Clad – Wood/clad windows keep the beauty of natural wood on the interior while providing a low-maintenance exterior. Wood interiors can be stained or painted to match current colors in the home so they will blend like they were never replaced. The exterior clad low maintenance material is available in aluminum clad, vinyl, or fiberglass. Wood is inherently strong and will support large sizes and permit multiple window composites. Real wood is also a natural insulator allowing warmth and the reduction of sound. There are various glass options available for maximum energy efficiency and sound reduction.
Fiberglass – Fiberglass is stronger than vinyl and more affordable than wood/clad. These windows stand out for their strength, low maintenance, and good looks. The streamline contemporary design and clean lines allow for more visible glass that provides additional room light. These windows are available with wood interiors/fiberglass exteriors, or all fiberglass. There are various glass options available for maximum energy efficiency and sound reduction.
Vinyl – Vinyl windows offer the highest energy efficient available among all types. Vinyl windows from Home Path Windows & Doors are high quality, stronger than ordinary vinyl and easy on the budget. We offer vinyl windows with fully welded sashes and multi-chambered frames which assures strength and energy efficiency. Fade-resistant vinyl available in multiple colors including interior woodgrain if the look of natural wood is desired. This means no more painting! There are various glass options available for maximum energy efficiency and sound reduction.

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